OSD Grants 

Please monitor this page for announcements regarding OSD Grants, including regarding training opportunities. 

Contact the OSD Grants office at aceosdgrants@arkansas.gov with any questions.

OSD Grants Rules & Regulations
The Rules and Regulations describe the purpose, rubric, grant categories, and scoring for OSD Grants.  The Rules and Regulations should be reviewed in detail.

OSD Grants Specifications
The Specifications are supplementary to the Rules and Regulations and further implement the legislation creating OSD Grants. The Specifications will be updated periodically. For grant applicants filing multiple applications, the Specifications should be accessed from this web page for each application.

The link below provides the full OSD Grants application.  The application must be submitted to aceosdgrants@arkansas.gov in order to be considered.  Your initial submittal of this completed application form to aceosdgrants@arkansas.gov will be treated as an initial inquiry.  All sections of the application are required except the “Additional description, notes, comments” narrative on page 3.  Formulas are locked into some tables and those fields will automatically populate as the other application fields are populated by the applicant.

(There have been issues downloading this file through Internet Explorer.  If you experience issues, try another web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

OSD Grants Flyer - pdf