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Mark-up of the Arkansas Adult Education Policies and Procedures (6/2015)

2015-2016 Adult Education Policy Changes Questions and Comments

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Adult Education Programs

Adult education programs provide basic skills classes to adults with less than a high school education. Adult education in Arkansas is based on the following philosophy: 

  • All adults can learn.
  • All adults have the right to education that enhances their ability to effect positive changes in their lives.
  • All adults have the right to obtain the life skills that they need to become self- sufficient, actively participating members of society.
  • All adults have the right to complete their education through the high school level. 

Adult Basic Education and General Adult Education serve adults with less than a high school education.  More >

GED® offers adults the opportunity to earn the GED® credential.  More >

English as a Second Language (ESL) serves individuals whose native language is not English.    More >

Correctional education provides basic skills education to incarcerated individuals who lack a high school diploma.  More >

Family literacy classes serve the basic skills needs of children and their parents. More >

Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE) offers academic and job skills instruction to unemployed and underemployed Arkansans. More >


Adult Education News and Events

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