GED® Testing 

Step by Step Process For Taking the GED® Test Handout


Is lack of a high school diploma keeping you from getting abetter job or attending college?  Let us help you reach higher levels of success! 

Why take the GED® Test?  The GED® test can help you move on to the next level—college, technical training, or a better job.For most employers, colleges and universities, and branches of the military,passing the GED® test proves that you're ready to meet the challenge.  If you have children or grandchildren, you may want to take the GED® test to encourage them to pursue their education.  Or you may want to take the GED® test just to feel good about reaching a goal you set for yourself.

The test changed in 2014.The pencil and paper version of the GED® test expired at the end of 2013in Arkansas and all of the United States.  If you started testing but didn’t complete or didn’t pass before the old test expired at the end of 2013,your scores expired too.   

The GED® test is now offered exclusively on computer.  At the current time the four parts of the test costs $16. 

The Arkansas GED® Testing Program serves allArkansans who are 16 years or older, not enrolled in or graduated from high school, and who meet other state requirements regarding residency and testing eligibility.

The GED® credential is based on four areas.The test covers reasoning through language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.  The GED® test is designed to measure academic skills and knowledge in subjects that are learned during four years of high school.  Are you READY? 

Before taking the GED® test in Arkansas, you must take and pass the official GED Practice Test (GED Ready™ test) through an approved Adult Education Center or GED Testing Center.   If you need additional instruction, you can enroll in an adult education program in or near your community.  GED® study guides are also available in your local library, computer software store, or bookstore.


Although given on computer, the GED® test is not online.  You must appear in person, at an official GED® testing center and take the test on computer.

In a time when so much is on the Internet, high school diplomas and credentials are easily found.  But the GED® test and credential are not online.  Be cautious in paying any wherefrom $50 to $500 for a certificate that is not an accredited diploma.   Learn more about how to spot a scam and where to earn a real GED® test credential.


The state GED® Office and the national GED Testing Service are committed to ensuring access to the GED® test for all individuals with disabilities and supports the intention of the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended(ADAAA). 

The purpose of accommodations is to provide candidates with full access to the GED® test.  However,accommodations are not a guarantee of improved performance or test completion.  GED Testing Service provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations to individuals with documented disabilities who demonstrate a need for accommodations.  GED®test accommodations may include things such as:

  • A separate testing room
  • Extra testing time
  • Extra breaks

    Types of disabilities that may be approved for accommodations include:

    • Intellectual Disabilities
    • Learning and other Cognitive Disabilities
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Psychological and Psychiatric Disorders
    • Physical Disorders and Chronic Health Conditions


    Test accommodations are individualized and considered on a case-by-case basis.   For the forms to apply for an accommodated test and more detailed information about accommodations, please visit the following link:


    There are many products available to assist adult education teachers with their classroom instruction.  The GED®Publisher Program recognizes GED® test-aligned content from publishers who develop curriculum materials for the GED® test. To ensure that materials meet 100% of GED® test objectives, a professional content review organization has evaluated each product’s alignment to GED® test objectives.  Alignment is determined at a subject area level rather than at a publisher level.  Many publishers are currently in the review process; however, not all content is subject to review at this time (including review content and practice tests).  Publishers that have achieved 100% alignment with the GED® test with at least one of their products will be designated with a GED® Content Aligned logo.  Click on the following link for a list of current GED® publishers that have aligned content or are currently in review:

    GED Ready® practice test vouchers give educators an easy and convenient way to offer their students the GED Ready® practice test in their classroom.  GED Ready™practice test vouchers are free to Arkansas adult education teachers.  Adult Education teachers or administrators may contact the Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center (AALRC) for the free vouchers.   

    For a complete list of professional development training which includes tutorials, tools, item samplers, and strategies for teachers divided intoBeginner, Foundational, and Intermediate, visit the following link:


    Visit the following link for Arkansas Adult Education/GED® Testing newsletters:


    If you have earned your GED® credential in the past and need an official duplicate transcript,
    Click Here.  (See attached form).


    Through its statewide GED Testing Centers, theArkansas GED® Testing Program office promotes and provides adults with the opportunity to earn their high school credential.  Testing sites are accessible to every county.  The office awards the Arkansas High School Diploma to GED® examinees who successfully pass the GED®test.  It also facilitates cooperation among state and local education agencies to improve adult GED® preparation efforts.  (See list)

    The GED® office staff believes that the test gives many individuals the opportunity to reach their educational, career, and personal goals.  Taking and passing the GED® test is sometimes the first true feeling of accomplishment that many examinees have.

    The information you need may be just a phone call away.  Let us help you.

    Contact the GED® office at or call (501)682-1980. 

    Arkansas Department of Career Education
    Three Capitol Mall
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    Phone: (501)682-1980

    Fax: (501)682-1982