Test Format and Accommodations  

The GED® test is made up of four tests covering core academic areas

Reasoning Through Language Arts (150 minutes)

Social Studies (90 minutes)

Science (90 minutes)

Mathematics (115 minutes)

  • Part I   - (first 5 questions) Calculator not allowed
  • Part II  - (remaining 41 questions) Calculator  allowed

Access the GED® test

Assistance for People with Disabilities

For examinees with documented physical, psychological, intellectual, attention deficit, or specific learning disabilities, accommodations give equal access to GED® testing.

If you believe you may have a disability that could keep you from taking the GED® test in the way they are usually given, you might be entitled to receive reasonable testing accommodations.

Accommodations are available for people with

  • Intellectual Disabilities 
  • Learning and Other Cognitive Disabilities 
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 
  • Psychological/Psychiatric Disorders
  • Physical/Chronic Health Disabilities
  • Intellectual Disabilities

Accommodations may include

  • Extended time
  • Frequent breaks
  • Reader
  • Scribe 
  • Private testing

How to get assistance

If you have a disability, documented by a qualified professional, ask your local GED® Testing CenterTM for one of these forms:

The GED® Testing CenterTM  will assist you in completing the appropriate form.  Each request is considered on an individual basis. If accommodations are approved, your local GED® examiner will arrange to conduct the testing with the approved changes.