English As A Second Language (ESL) 

Adult education is free; class schedules are flexible; and enrollment is open-entry, open-exit

Arkansas adult education centers and literacy councils provide English language instruction to adult speakers of other languages. English as a Second Language (ESL) students are assessed with standardized tests to determine their current level of language competence. The students, with the assistance of the program staff, will also set their future language goals. ESL class schedules are flexible enough to allow students to work day or evening shifts and to attend classes several times a week. Open enrollment also gives the students added flexibility in scheduling classes. Tutors at literacy councils work with students one-on-one or sometimes in small groups, while adult education centers offer group classes. ESL instruction concentrates on speaking and listening skills in the beginning levels and progresses to include reading and writing skills. With improved language skills, ESL adults will become better community members, with more possibilities for interpersonal interaction, and better employees, with more possibilities for promotion.

English as a Second Language training workshops for teachers are available at the Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center each spring and fall. The workshops consist of three 2-day sessions and cover the following topics:

Session 1 

ESL Basics

Session 2 Teaching Non-literate Adult ESL Students
Managing Instruction in Multi-level ESL Classes
Are My ESL Students Making Progress?
A Look at Assessment
Section 3 Improving ESL Students’ Conversation/
Communication Skills
Citizenship Training for the ESL Classroom
Teaching Pronunciation through Communicative

The Arkansas Department of Career Education, Adult Education Section, also holds an annual summer ESL Institute for teachers of adult ESL learners.  Any interested teachers should contact Marsha Taylor at AALRC (501-907-2490).