WAGE Logo“Many people I have worked with couldn’t even read a measuring tape. You have to know what you’re doing to pass the WAGE™test. Just because you say you know, it doesn’t mean you know.”

Mark Willis
WAGE™ graduate

“I started the WAGE™ program to update my skills on the computer and new software programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. The WAGE™ Program has allowed me to land a good paying clerical job. Going through the program has boosted my self-confidence. By attending the program, it added to my education and allowed me to upgrade my qualifications on my resume.”

Christine Granzella
WAGE™ graduate

“Even though I have been a minister’s wife for many years, I was computer illiterate. Now through the WAGE™ program I am learning those skills and refreshing academic skills as well. I am confident and have the assurance that upon completing the program, I will find a good paying clerical job. I am grateful for providing me and many others with the skills to become successful.”

Linda Skinner
WAGE™ graduate

“I started the WAGE™ program to further my education. Also, I wanted to get a working up to date knowledge of software programs currently used in the workforce. I plan to attend college to get a computer degree. The WAGE™ program at NPCC gave me the opportunity to succeed. I am grateful that a program like this exists to help me get a better paying job and the means to become successful.”

William Altman Dowdy, III
WAGE™ graduate

Business Partners

“I am Chairman of the Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy [Pulaski County Adult Education WAGE™ Advisory Council] and general manager of the Crosby Group, Inc. that has been located in Jacksonville for over 40 years. WAGE™ provides programs to upgrade worker skills and education not only for our present employees but the workforce of generations to come in Arkansas. [WAGE™] can be adapted to fit your business requirements to make your business more successful.”

Mike Chandler
General Manager
Crosby Group, Inc.

“The WAGE™  Program is an excellent program for people who need to improve skills to get a job. I have worked with the program for at least seven years and believe it to be a wonderful opportunity for the people of the River Valley.”

Pat Pyle
Yell County Department of Human Services

“WAGE™ affords the opportunity to develop marketable job skills that will boost their confidence and self-esteem. WAGE™ is a valuable resource for all employers and the community as a whole and I would encourage all local companies to become WAGE™ partners.”

Jim Olson
Human Resource Manager
Goody’s Distribution Center

“Many employees bluff their way into jobs without having the needed academic skills. Our company, Chem-Fab Corporation requires WAGE™ certification of all its new employees. I feel a need to upgrade the workforce.”

Tom Hare
Personnel Director
Chem-Fab Corporation

“I think the WAGE™ program is an excellent resource and it serves as a life line for many people in Pope County. When my students leave before graduation, I refer them to Adult Education and to the WAGE™ program. Also, I inform all students of the wonderful alternative to college, the WAGE™ program. I greatly appreciate the existence of such a program in Pope County.”

Dot Harris
High School Counselor
Dover High School

“Education is the key to brighter futures. The WAGE™ program is an essential part of the Arkansas River Valley community. WAGE™ has truly affected the lives of past participants.”

Scott Perkins
The Courier

“I view the WAGE™ program as a stepping stone for our students to continue their education. For those who have been out of school for several years, it can be a confidence builder and a refresher for performing better in college. We refer to each other often with our participants.”

E. Lou May
Educational Opportunity Center
Henderson State University

“The WAGE™ program provides an excellent means for adults to complete their education and gain skills to become much more prepared to enter the workforce.”

Jeff Pipkin
Russellville Chamber of Commerce

“Your [WAGE™] program has been invaluable to our business. It allows second chances to the individual and provides a well-trained employee to the business. Your program not only teaches, it inspires your graduates to continue to learn. What a benefit a program such as yours is in today’s economy.”

Albert Hurst
Regional Director
Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial

“Barbara Smith and Verna Reigle both were former employees of the now closed Regal Cookware plant here in Jacksonville. They both went through the WAGE™ training program and came to work for Improved Construction Methods in 2002 and are still employed today. The training they received was vital to their success in their new careers. When asked about the program, Verna Reigle replied that she loved it, and found it very helpful.”

Kathey A. Walters
Human Resource and Accounting
Improved Construction Methods

“The Russellville WAGE™ program benefits our program by offering the client’s the skills and credentials that are needed to succeed in today’s competitive workforce. The RAEC offers the client the opportunity of obtaining certificates and educational credentials that include (GED, Resume Skills, Reading Skills, Computer Skills, and the other WAGE™ programs), that will ultimately help the client to succeed in life.”

Gary Rhodes
Freedom House Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center (ADTC)

“WAGE™ has been very helpful in providing training for our older workers program. Our participants are 55 years and older. After computer training, many have been able to go on to a better paying job.”

Lydia Franklin
Experience Training Assistant
Experience Works, Inc.

“In working with the public, I have found that the WAGE™ program is very beneficial for the participants. It really helps people to be better prepared for the workforce.”

JoLayne Coffman
County Administrator
Pope County Department of Human Services

“Wanda Lewis is a Career Consultant at the Arkansas Workforce Center in North Little Rock. She is a tremendous asset to the Central Arkansas Planning and Development District and the customers that we serve. She credits her training in the WAGE™ Program for her Skills and Success in the Workplace.”

Cynthia Terry
One Stop Manager
Arkansas Workforce Center-North Little Rock

For information about WAGE™ contact:

State WAGE™ Coordinator
Arkansas Department of Career Education
3 Capitol Mall
Little Rock, AR 72201