About ARS 

To achieve its mission of preparing Arkansans with disabilities to work and lead productive and independent lives, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) provides a variety of training and career preparation programs.

Services include career and technical education and training, transition from school to work or postsecondary education, on-the-job training, and ancillary support services that clients may need for successful employment.

Vocational rehabilitation (VR) services include the following:


  • Diagnosis and evaluation of capacities and limitations
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Career and technical education
  • Job placement
  • Physical and cognitive restorative services
  • Assistive technology
  • Residential career training facility and hospital
  • Transition services for high school students with disabilities who are moving from high school to further education or work
  • Scholarships and leadership programs for students with disabilities
  • Financial assistance to kidney transplant recipients
  • Community rehabilitation programs
  • Supported employment services
  • Supported housing

ARS is funded through a federal and state partnership with federal funding from the Rehabilitation Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Education comprising nearly 80 percent of the budget.

To learn more about our programs and services, please call our toll-free number at (800) 330-0632  or click here to locate the field office nearest you. Each field office is staffed by vocational rehabilitation counselors who can help you get started.