Telecommunications Access Program 

What Is TAP?

The Telecommunications Access Program(TAP) provides free telecommunication equipment to eligible Arkansans who are deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, or who have a speech, visual, mobility, or intellectual impairment.  TAP removes the barriers to telecommunication access through the provision of accessible communication technology. 


Anyone who meets the following criteria can apply:

  • Is an Arkansas resident.
  • Has personal telecommunication service.
  • Disability certified by a qualified professional verifying the need for specialized telecommunication equipment.

Income Eligibility: If your income is $50,000 a year or below, the equipment is free. If you make more than $50,000 a year, a shared cost option is available.

Apply for TAP by downloading the application here.

Types of Equipment

The following list is some of our more commonly distributed equipment. If there is a need for equipment that is not listed please contact the TAP office.

Text Telephone (TTY/TDD) - The TTY helps people who are deaf or speech impaired to communicate over the phone by sending and receiving typed messages.

Amplified Telephone - A standard telephone with volume and tone adjustments in addition to large number buttons and louder than normal ring for individuals that are hard of hearing. Some of these phones have caller ID displays, speakerphones, one-touch speed dials and backlit keypads. Some of these phones are also cordless.

CapTel - A captioned telephone for hard of hearing persons enabling them to use their speech for outgoing calls but receive captioned messages for incoming calls.

Talking Phone - A telephone that speaks each number as it is pressed and has jumbo-sized buttons with Braille. Some of these phones also have a talking caller ID.

Signaling Systems - These devices alert a person when the phone is ringing including audible, visual, visual and audible (combination) and tactile.

Hearing Carry-Over Phone - Combination text telephone and standard phone allowing for regular calls, voice or hearing carry-over calls

Artificial Larynx - A handheld, portable voice aid for people who have lost the use of their larynx.

Photo Phone - A telephone with nine large photo, auto-dial, memory buttons on which you can put a picture of the person you want to call.

Speech Amplifying Telephone - This phone amplifies the outgoing voice and has nine photo memory buttons

Hands Free Phone -- This phone offers one-touch access to dialing, answering and memory scanning from up to 40 feet away. Optional accessories are available.

Wireless Program

Wireless (cellular) Phone:
We offer a variety of cell phones meeting all disability needs.  You may view available cell phones through TAP at or you can contact our office for more information. You may not order any equipment from this website until you have filled out an application and been approved by TAP.  The service provider is SPRINT.

Contact Us

To receive more information about the program please contact us at:
Phone: 501-686-9693
Toll Free: 800-981-4463
Fax: 501-683-3011
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 4:30

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