Student Loan Payback Program  

The Arkansas Rehabilitation Service’s Student Loan Payback Program, a division of the Arkansas Department of Career Education, provides a financial incentive to counselors in exchange for a specific work commitment. This program covers a portion of a counselor’s educational loans in return for employment with ARS. The Student Loan Payback Program has one or more of the following four goals:

  •  To provide financial assistance to counselors with educational loans occurred
  •  To retain talented individuals in the state  who choose a career in counseling,
  • To attract individuals to work for the agency or rather to promote individuals to remain in a high need occupation and region.
  • To allow recipients’ loans (or a portion thereof) up to $2,000 for every year committed with a maximum payback amount of $10,000.

See downloadable attachments below of Student Loan Payback Rules, Brochure, and Forms.
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