Technical Assistance and Training (SDHH) 

We provide training and technical assistance to deaf and hard of hearing Arkansans as well as to agencies, organizations and business such as law enforcement, hospitals, 911 calls centers, and behavioral health clinics.  We recognize that it is critical that members of the Arkansas community have access to information about how to remove barriers so that people with hearing loss may experience full access.

Examples of topics include (but are not limited to):

● Introduction to Hearing Loss
● American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
● Assistive Listening and Other Technologies
● Accommodations in the Workplace
● Use of Interpreters
● Real-time Captioning
● Smart911
● Strategies for Effective Communication
● Captioning

We also provide information about resources and programs in Arkansas that serve deaf and hard of hearing people.

Whether you want to arrange a workshop or simply have a question, feel free to contact us:

Holly Ketchum
SDHH program Specialist
Phone: 501-246-8259
Fax: 501 686-9418