Assistive Technology at Work (AT@Work) 

AT@Work  is an assistive technology assessment service designed to assist ARS counselors to ensure their clients receive the maximum benefit from assistive technology in their quest to achieve educational, employment and independent living goals.

AT@Work will provide an assistive technology assessment for counselors who refer their clients to our program.  Staff will identify the appropriate technology and provide the counselor with the sources and costs for obtaining recommended technology.  AT@Work staff will do a thorough review of similar benefits and assist the counselor in accessing those funding sources.  Staff will work with each counselor throughout the process.

AT@Work  utilizes existing resources, such as Physical Therapist and Speech Pathologist at ACTI, and Occupational Therapist, Rehab Technician, and Assistive Technology Specialists. Where possible, AT@Work will travel to the counselor's area and provide the assessment at a time and place convenient to both the counselor and client.

You may contact the AT@Work office at:

501-730-9725 (Voice/TDD)