Learning and Evaluation Center (LEC) 

The Learning & Evaluation Center (LEC) is a service within the Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) Special Programs that provides individualized psychological evaluations for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Consumers, training in disabilities and employment-related issues, and employment-related counseling for people who are Deaf.

Evaluation Services

Individualized, collaborative evaluation services with specialties in deafness, leaning disabilities and other disabilities that affect education and learning, are provided to VR counselors and consumers. The purpose of these evaluations is to increase the graduation rate of VR consumers. The evaluations are in depth and designed to address issues on an individual, specialized basis with a focus on educationally diagnostic and prescriptive results. Areas assessed may include cognitive skills, visual perceptual-motor functioning, academic achievement plus diagnostic assessment of academic functioning, functional language skill, vocational interests, personality, learning styles, and related areas. Evaluations require 1 – 3 days for completion of testing. Test reports are written to educate consumers about themselves, assist VR counselors in working with consumers to achieve successful program/ employment outcomes, and to aid the securing of appropriate accommodations in educational programs.

Training Services

Workshops, videotape presentations, and other types of training and consultation are available on disability-related topics.  Topics are general with emphases on hearing disabilities, learning disabilities, and other disabilities impacting  VR services, educational program planning, and employment outcomes. As part of the Learning Disabilities Program, training will be provided to VR consumers referred to the program to assist them with preparation for post-secondary education (College Prep).

Counseling Services

Direct individual counseling, may be provided for consumers who are Deaf or for whom a hearing loss is a significant disability. Psychiatric consultation and medication management are also provided when needed. These services are related to adjustment problems impacting employment outcomes. Assistance with and advocacy for community mental health services for consumers who are Deaf or hard of hearing are part of the counselor’s role to improve mental health functioning as it relates to community living and employment.

Learning and Evaluation Center
900 W. 9th Street
Little Rock, AR 72201