Supported Housing 

The Supported Housing Office (SHO), a component of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS), Special Programs Section, continuously strives to enhance the independence of our customers.  The SHO augments ARS’ mission of providing opportunities for Arkansans with disabilities to lead productive and independent lives by focusing on a range of affordable housing issues, one of which is supported housing.  Supported Housing is defined as any type of housing, such as an apartment, a single-family or multi-family home, with consumers accessing support services tailored to maximize their independent living.

The SHO helps Arkansans with disabilities navigate the maze of local, state, and federal affordable housing programs and assists with identifying solutions for the issue at hand.  Common housing problems run the gamut from requests for shelters for homeless persons with disabilities, to sources of tenant-based rental assistance, information on home repair and modification programs, home maintenance, foreclosure advice and home ownership opportunities.  In addition, the SHO provides targeted research, predevelopment consultations, and technical assistance on universal design and affordable housing development for the non-profit and private sectors.

The SHO also staffs the Arkansas Governor’s Task Force on Supported Housing (GTFSH), which is charged with increasing the supply of affordable, universal design housing for persons with disabilities, as mandated by the United States Supreme Court in the Olmstead Decision.  The centerpiece of the GTFSH Plan is the Arkansas Universal Design project (AUDP), which delineates comprehensive single and multi-family universal design housing standards.  In fact, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA), our State Housing Agency, requires developers and contractors to incorporate universal design standards in each project funded by the agency.  Consequently, ADFA is the leader in the finance and development of single and multi-family universal design housing throughout the State.   Finally, ADFA is also to be commended for implementing the universal housing design standards, which will improve the lives of countless Arkansans.  

Arkansans experiencing housing issues/problems are encouraged to contact Rick Anderson via e-mail at, or by phone at 501.701.6378.


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