The Americans With Disabilities Act A Thumbnail Approach

Commission LogoTitle I – Employment: The ADA prohibits discrimination based on disability in employment. Title I prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in private and state and local government employment settings and includes special features related to reasonable accommodations, qualification standards and other labor management issues. To file an ADA Title I complaint, contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Title II – Public Services: The ADA requires all services and activities of State and Local Governments to be accessible to persons with disabilities. Title II covers such things as a county courthouse or State office buildings, it also includes public transportation provided by public entities. Access issues should be addressed Department of Justice and transportation issues with the US Department of Transportation.

Title III – Public Accomodations And Services Operated By Private Entities: The ADA prohibits discrimination by privately operated establishments that are used by the general public. For example banks, restaurants, parks, retail stores, as well as transportation facilities and vehicles operated by private entities. Complaints should be files with the Department of Justice, if you are unable to resolve the matter at hand first on a local level.

Title IV – Telecommunications Relay Services: All common carriers that offer telephone services to the general public MUST provide interstate or intrastate relay services that is functionally equivalent to the service that a person with a hearing impairment receives, this includes cell phone technology. Area of contact is the Federal Communications Commission

Title V – Miscellaneous Provisions: Protects individuals with disabilities, and persons who are associated with persons with disabilities from retaliation when exercising their rights under the ADA. A person with a disability who is qualified cannot be forced to accept an accommodation. This provision is handled by the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.

The Rehabilitation Act Of 1973, section 504: prohibits discrimination based on a persons disability in federal employment, federally funded programs and services, and by federal contractors.

A Federal or Federally funded building or facility, such as a Federal courthouse or a U.S. post office are governed by the Architectural Barriers Act.

Housing issues are protected by the Fair Housing Act. All complaints are handled by the local office of HUD.
Air travel or air carrier concerns should be addressed to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division.