Celebrating Life 

Commission LogoSelf-advocacy is an excellent tool to celebrate life and encourage change within your community and/or workplace. Advocacy is a process of communicating, learning and achieving. Simple process procedures:

Remember the importance of using proper terminology. The art of language in communicating is vital for painting your picture.

Respect for self and the people you are working with to remove barriers. Educate people by your attitude, actions and language.

Obtain a copy of the laws, statutes, and ordinances, then familiarize yourself with them and know where you place your copies. Federal laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA), State, Local and City ordinances.

Know/ Use your resources. Government/elected officials, Local Code Enforcement Officers Advocacy Organizations-National, State and Local. We are all just people and most people do care when you approach a situation in a respectful manner.

Introduce yourself. Make contact with your resources, email, telephone calls, letters, visits, ect.

Request the needed accessibility or accommodation. Make personal contact, write letters, arrange for future meetings, make SPECIFIC requests, and get others to join in your efforts.

ALWAYS follow-up with your contact either by a telephone call or writing a letter.

Go For It! You Are Effective. You Will Affect Your Community.