ICAN Demonstration Center 

The establishment of the Demonstration Center has been the dream of many consumers, family members, therapists and various state agencies. The concept is one of sharing. This program has been designed to increase individuals' access to assistive technology by being a source for: demonstration, trial before purchasing particular devices, training in their use, short term loan of equipment for evaluations, recycling equipment, and sponsoring a consumer network by which to sell, trade, donate, and list wanted equipment.
The primary goal of the ICAN Demonstration Center is to increase individual access to technology through the operations of the following programs:

  • Equipment Exchange - An avenue for recycling equipment that is no longer useful for individuals and a source by which to sell, trade, donate, and list wanted equipment.
  • Donated Equipment - A source for short or long term loan of refurbished equipment as well as "give away" recycled equipment.
  • Loan Equipment - A source for training, demonstration of and/or try-out, before purchasing particular devices and short term loan for evaluations.

How do you access the Demonstration Center?

Call or come by - ICAN (Increasing Capabilities Access Network)
901 W. 7th Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone:  (501) 666-8868 (Voice/TDD) Little Rock area
1-800-828-2799 (Voice/TDD) in-state Arkansas.