School Improvement - Inservice Opportunities 

Counseling for Careers In-Service Training


Dawson Education Cooperative, Arkadelphia, AR

Date: April 7-8,2014


Limited to 25 teams*(see Team below)

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2014



Northwest Arkansas Education Cooperative, Farmington, AR

Date: April21-22, 2014


Limited to 25 teams*(see Team below)

Registration Deadline: April 14, 2014



8:30a.m.-3:30p.m. each day



$30 (snacks and lunch provided)


Registration site:


Who should come?

*Team of 3 from each district. Preferably a Middle SchoolCounselor, High School Counselor, and

1 administrator


High Schools ThatWork (HSTW) current sites receive priority registration



As a result of the workshop school counseling teams will:


§Explain the educational and economic contextsfor developing effective counseling for careers programs in their schools

§Clarify terminology related to program of studypathway and analyze their school’s programs of study using the criteria for arigorous career pathway program of study.

§Examine the existing program of careerdevelopment instruction in their schools to identify what works, as well asnecessary improvements, and conduct a Gaps Analysis to determine if schoolpractices are aligned with standards and student goals.

§Examine various Counseling for Careersapproaches identified as Best Practices

§Identify delivery method(s) for a verticallyarticulated advisement program for Counseling for Careers and begin to developcoordinated middle school through high school action plans.

§Develop a plan to involve parents in an annualreview of students’ individual career plans and to connect components of aneffective counseling for careers program to successful implementation ofprograms of study  and students’individual career plans



Essential Question

§How will our school implement effectively thecomponents of an effective counseling for careers program to students’personal, academic and career development needs, including supporting students’individual career plans and chosen programs of study?