Teacher Information System 

The Teacher Information System is open until the Friday after Labor Day each year for entering your course information.  Every user is NEW every year.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Click below on the link Click Here to Create Account. The system will ask for the generic username/password. Enter the following:


Generic username: cte

Generic password: teacher

After clicking the BEGIN button, you will be taken to the link for creating your account for the current school year. You must create a unique username/password for your own personal account. The username/password may be used for the current school year only. Please make a note of the username/password that you use - you may log back in after our staff has reviewed your information to read their comments.

Create Teacher Account

Return to Teacher Account

Deadline to enter information is the Friday after Labor Day. 

If you have problems or questions regarding your account, please call your program area office. A list of the phone numbers is below.






(501) 682-2561


(501) 682-1768

Career Orientation/Development

(501) 683-5970

Family & Consumer Sciences

(501) 682-1115


(501) 682-1535

Skilled/Technical Sciences

(501) 682-1271

STEM (501) 682-1616

Unknown Or Other

(501) 682-1040







Maria Swicegood
Arkansas Department of Career Education
Three Capitol Mall
Little Rock, AR 72201-1083
Phone:  (501) 682-1528
Fax:  (501) 682-1026
E-mail: Maria.swicegood@arkansas.gov