Consortium Criteria 

This guide was developed by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education (DWE) to provide consistency and ensure that all consortia are in compliance with the Arkansas Youth Apprenticeship/Work-Based Learning (YA/WBL) Act of 1991, A.C.A. 6‑50-501 to 6-50-505, (Appendix A, page 6) and the rules and regulations associated with employer income tax credits for youth apprenticeship/work-based learning programs under A.C.A. 26-51-1601 to 26-51-1606 (Appendix B, page 9).

Consortia Categories

How a consortium is defined is determined by the service area:


Consortium whose industry partners will make the program available to high schools around the state

Multi-district educational provider-based

Consortium formed to provide the program to the students of the area feeder schools of the educational provider

High school-based

Consortium established to offer a program only to the students of the local high school partner.

Consortium Membership

Consortium membership must include

  • One or more secondary schools offering career and technical education programs of study that incorporate integrated academic and technical teaching; AND
  • One or more industry employers providing entry-level jobs (paid employment) with good opportunities for career advancement into high-skill, high-wage jobs and integrating academic and technical concepts into the job training; AND
  • One or more postsecondary schools that offer associate degrees and or certificates (four-year postsecondary schools not offering one of the required programs do not qualify for membership); OR
  • One or more traditional (adult) apprenticeship programs

NOTE:  Schools may be members of more than one consortium.