Monitoring And Accountability 


State staff will make on-site consortia reviews that will include the following:

  • Examination of student files
  • Review of the accountability system
  • Work-site visits to review student work plans integrating academic and technical teaching and learning
  • Validation of documentation for employer tax credits under A.C.A. 26-51-1601 to 26 51-1606
  • Arkansas YA/WBL Act of 1991, A.C.A. 6-50-501 to 6-50-505, required program contents


Required Accountability System Contents:

  • Student SSN
  • Apprentice occupational area
  • KUDER assessment data
  • Career focus program of study
  • Structured plan for student learning
  • Academic courses completed
  • Career and technical courses completed
  • Articulated/concurrent credit courses completed
  • Technical skills/competencies attained
  • End-of-course testing results
  • Grades
  • High school graduation date (month and year)
  • Transition:  postsecondary school and/or traditional apprenticeship
  • Diploma/degree/certificate attainment (secondary and postsecondary)
  • Job placement data
  • Wage data

YA/WBL Student Data:  Student SSNs and career focuses are required for DWE to track students and obtain demographic and other types of data.  This information is a mandatory item for accountability and funding.