Reporting Forms 

Required Reports

Time Distribution Documentation:

Time distribution records or statements are required for each YA/WBL employee paid with funds from more than one source.  Documentation should be recorded, signed by the employee, and placed in the local consortium YA/WBL files monthly.

Quarterly Accountability Report: 

A narrative report describing significant consortium activities, accomplishments, etc. is required each October 20, January 20 and April 20.

Annual Accountability Report: 

Accountability reports justify consortia expenditures and budget requests.  An oral presentation of the Accountability Reports will be made by the consortia to state staff.  Accountability reports are due each June 1.

Annual Expenditure Report: 

Report of expenditures by budget category is due July 31.  (Contact DWE if a later date is needed.)

Annual Application:

A new request for consortia funding is required annually.  The end-of-year accountability report will be used in budget approval and approval is based on student enrollment, retention, and progress data.  (Applications will not be approved prior to receipt of the Annual Expenditure Report for the previous year.)