Student Criteria 

To be eligible to participate in a Youth Apprenticeship Work-Based Learning (YA/WBL) program a student must

  • Be between 16 and 21 years of age
  • Enter the youth apprenticeship program before entering the 11th grade
  • Have a three (3)- to five (5)-year career plan that includes high school, postsecondary education, and training
  • Agree to a three (3)- to five (5)-year apprenticeship program
  • Experience work in his or her chosen occupational cluster from a broad perspective down to a specific occupation
  • Obtain certification in his or her occupation and a postsecondary certificate, diploma, or degree and/or his or her journeyman license in addition to a high school diploma

A student participating in a YA/WBL may be classified in one of three categories:  secondary, postsecondary, or completer.

Secondary:  A high school student age 16-21 who is participating in an approved YA/WBL program.  The student must have a program of study signed by the instructor, student, and parent and a structured work-based learning plan signed by the instructor, employer, and student on file.

Postsecondary:  A student who has matriculated from the secondary program to a postsecondary school and/or traditional apprenticeship program that is an extension of the student’s approved secondary YA/WBL program and has received articulated postsecondary course credit.

Completer:  A student who has completed an associate degree, or certificate, and/or traditional apprenticeship.