Award of Educational Achievement For Students  

High Schools That Work LogoThe recipient of this award has: 

  1. Completed the High Schools That Work (HSTW) Recommended Curriculum in at least two of the three subject areas listed below;
  2. Completed a concentration in a career/technical field, mathematics/science, or the humanities; and
  3. Met all three of the performance goals on the HSTW Assessment.

The HSTW Recommended Curriculum

English:  Four credits in college-preparatory courses

Mathematics:  Four credits in college-preparatory courses including algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and a higher level mathematics course, such as trigonometry, statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, or Advanced Placement mathematics

Science:  Three or more credits in science, including at least two credits in college-preparatory biology, chemistry, anatomy/physiology, or physics/applied physics

Concentration Definitions

Career/Technical:  Four or more credits in a career/technical field or major

Mathematics/Science:  Four college-preparatory courses each in mathematics and science; at least one course in either mathematics or science must be at the Advanced Placement level

Humanities:  Four college-preparatory courses each in English/language arts and social studies and four courses in an area of the humanities, such as foreign language, fine arts, or additional English and social studies courses; at least one course in either English or social studies must be at the Advanced Placement level.

Performance Goals

Reading:  Students who meet the goal demonstrate understanding of both details and overall meaning when reading a variety of text types. They understand explicitly stated ideas, retrieve relevant information, and connect ideas from across a text to make inferences.  Students must score 279.

Mathematics:  Recipients are able to perform basic arithmetic operations.  They utilize elementary reasoning techniques to solve straightforward problems.  These students are able to process a limited amount of mathematical information in a problem at one time.  Students must score 297.

Science:  Recipients have some elementary factual and conceptual knowledge of various areas in science.  Skills include reading and interpreting a graph or diagram as well as estimating distance on a map, using a scale.  Students recognize the elements of the scientific method, such as appropriate experimental conditions, and understand that scientific theory is founded on experimental observations and predictions that are testable.  Students must score 299.

For more detailed criteria: