Goals And Key Conditions  

Major Goals

  • High Schools That Work LogoTo raise the mathematics, science, communication, problem-solving, and technical achievement of more students to the national average and above;
  • To blend the essential content of traditional college-preparatory studies—mathematics, science, and language arts—with quality career/technical studies by creating conditions that support school leaders, teachers, and counselors in carrying out key practices; and
  • To advance state and local policies and leadership initiatives necessary to sustain a continuous school-improvement effort for both academic and career/technical studies.

Key Conditions

  • An organizational structure and process for ensuring continuous involvement by school administrators and teachers in planning strategies to achieve the key practices—each school needs a clear mission statement to prepare high school students for success in postsecondary education and the workplace;
  • Leadership from the district and the school to improve curricula, instruction, and student achievement that supports, encourages, and actively participates with the faculty in implementing the key practices;
  • A commitment from the school board to support the school in replacing the general track—schools should offer a more demanding academic core and either an academic, career/technical, or blended concentration;
  • A system superintendent and school board members who support school administrators and teachers in carrying out the key practices—this commitment includes financial support for instructional materials, time for teachers to meet and plan together, and six to eight days per year of staff development on using key practices to improve student learning; and
  • A school superintendent and a school board that will allow the high school to adopt a flexible schedule that enables students to earn more credits.